Five Month Update: Part I

Warning: Long post ahead!

Who starts a blog, writes two entries and then leaves it dormant for five months? This girl! I know, for shame! But I told myself when I started this blog that I wouldn’t beat myself up over a strict posting schedule…though I certainly didn’t expect to drop off so quickly and for so long. What happened to cause me to drop my blog quicker than it started? A few things I suppose. I currently have around five posts in draft. Last fall, I was consumed with writing and perfecting these posts. The ideas were flooding. The words were flowing. And I was enjoying researching other blogs, videos, and articles I wanted to link to in these “brilliant” posts of mine. The writing came so freely, as it typically does for me, that I wanted to write instead of work, which is problematic when your employer is paying you to work, not blog. And then when I got home, my brain was fried and writing, after working out and cooking dinner, was the last thing I wanted to do. Vegging in front of the TV became my outlet. While entertaining, watching TV every night isn’t how I really want to spend my free time.

Also in early November my then-boyfriend-now-fiance (!) had a three-in-one shoulder surgery (rotator cuff, labrum, and a hole drilled in his humorous with the tendon of his bicep tied through and knotted on the other side of the bone. OUCH!). Needless to say, I was playing nurse, maid, chef, and a million other jobs that seemed to be a higher priority than writing. Then the holidays came and we got engaged (!), and now planning a wedding, and you can see how my brand new blog ended up taking a backseat to life.


And yet, through this time, I have been in desperate need of a creative outlet. I need something that is 100% mine that I don’t have to share with anyone, owe to anyone, and need no one’s opinion, approval, or support for. Something I can start and stop at MY leisure. I guess it’s a way of taking complete control of something when so many other things in life are beyond your control but are your full responsibility. When you have a career, a fiance, a wedding to plan, medical bills to pay, taxes to file, groceries to shop for, a litter box to clean, etc, etc., it’s easy – especially for women – to neglect ourselves and give everything to everything else. I don’t even know how parents do anything for themselves.

Reading through all of this, it sounds like a lot of bellyaching and lamenting over very first-world problems. I don’t mean to sound whiny – I am firm believer that anything you want to do, you WILL do. You find a way and you get shit done. That’s certainly how I’ve lived life – nothing has come easy for me but I have found a way to accomplish all of my goals so far, and I believe I’m on my way to accomplishing the next batch of goals. Never stop reaching for that brass ring, right? Still, life happens and it’s easy to get sidetracked and stressed out and neglect our creative sides. Which brings me to now.

I have been thinking about my need to be creative and return to blogging for a while…pretty much ever since I dropped off blogging. But it was my fiance’s recent return to his first love, art, that got me thinking  it’s time my art became a priority for me.

My art is: reading, yoga, writing, being social, exploring new places and new things, and really doing something, for me, that makes me happy. Sometimes it’s cooking a new recipe for dinner, but mainly it’s those things I listed above. So I’m checking off one of those boxes right now: writing.

Tell me: what’s your art/outlet? What’s your creative outlet? Is it something that you own 100%? Do you hold yourself accountable to your art? How do you balance life and art? I would really love to know your thoughts, so leave me a comment – it’ll help me check off the “social” box 🙂





One thought on “Five Month Update: Part I

  1. trish says:

    I turned my blog off for now. It’s a lot of work not only writing the posts but being a part of the blog community by reading and commenting on other people’s posts. sometimes you have to remember to get from behind the computer and live life. you know my creativity outlet. I have a hard time balancing all the things I want to do with the things I need to do. I may get back in to blogging soon. if you keep it up maybe i’ll get inspired. Did you read that book by Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity? is it any good?


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