About Me

Hi, I’m Marie! I’m an east coast city gal, a social media manager, an aunt, daughter,  friend, girlfriend, sister, and cat mama. When I’m not working, or blogging, I’m grocery shopping, cooking dinner, working out, reading, crafting, planning trips, imbibing wine, and trying to learn french. But mostly I’m just trying to keep my house clean, my cats fed, get a few workouts in, and spend time with my loving beau.


About Maiden September

Maiden September is a blog in search of a genre, but for now let’s just say it’s a personal lifestyle blog.

The name “Maiden September” is the brainchild of my friend and I who happen to be September babies, hence we are two ladies made in September.  Initially Maiden September was to be a blog we’d co-write together — she on the west coast and me on the east — each giving our unique perspectives on life. Then life happened and the blog never came to fruition. Maybe one day.

But for my birthday this year, my dear friend gave me her consent to use the blog name independently, and so here I am! You can read more about how the blog developed here.

To me, it doesn’t matter which month of the year it is. It’s always a good time to say “Hello September.”

Paris September


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